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Are you looking for intuitive medical auction software to help you sell more online?

We provide the medical auction software solutions that medical equipment auctioneers need to maintain a competitive advantage. 

We have more than ten years of experience offering auctioneers secure timed online auctions and live webcast auctions.

Utilizing the most recent cloud web technologies, our medical auction software works flawlessly on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Our software has straightforward and approachable functionality. with a cutting-edge, user-friendly dashboard.

Options for streaming music and video in real-time.

You have access to all the resources you require to enable online bidding thanks to our customer management, reporting, and invoicing platforms.

To sell your medical assets online, we’ll help you build up your own independent online medical equipment auction hub.

Help your bidders find exactly what they’re after with Smart-filtering

Our smart categories system is in-built into our platform and streamlines the process of bidders locating the lots they are interested in each auction. With our in-built filtering and categories system, your online bidders can quickly sort through everything from hospital-grade equipment, lab equipment,

surgical, health, and diagnostic machines.

The white-label solution embeds on your website. Plus your custom branding and colours promote your brand equity.

Worldwide support for your medical auctions

Our company offers worldwide auction support for each and every one of our client’s options. We have over 10 years of experience helping independent auctioneers be successful online.

Set-up, support, and training are standard to ensure your auctions run smoothly.

We also have an in-house marketing team, technical support, and web development team at your disposal. Including website, email, and social media marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Put your brand at the forefront of the medical auction industry. Get in contact with us today.

Online auction solutions for your business

🎥 Live Webcast Auctions

⏳ Timed Online Auctions

📈 Marketplace

👩‍💻 Remote Clerking option

✅ Everything you need & will run from your own website

🏷 White Label Auction Software – ‘value protect your bidders & IP’ ( Not a group site 🚫)

📲 So modern works on all devices without frustrating bidders to download apps

🧑‍💻 Includes Setup, Training & Local Ongoing Support

🧾 Auction invoicing & reporting

🖥 Websites & marketing

😊 Simple for bidders and powerful for auctioneers

So ready to get started?

Webtron 8.0 Artifical intelligence medical auction software.


What is medical auction software?

Medical auction software is a type of software that facilitates the buying and selling of medical equipment, supplies, and other medical products through an auction platform. The software enables medical suppliers and providers to list their products for auction, while buyers can bid on the items they need.

What are the benefits of using medical auction software?

Medical auction software provides a range of benefits for both buyers and sellers in the medical industry. For sellers, it provides a convenient platform to reach a wider audience of potential buyers, resulting in increased sales and revenue. It also enables sellers to quickly liquidate excess inventory or outdated equipment. For buyers, medical auction software offers a cost-effective way to purchase medical equipment and supplies. Buyers can often find products at a lower cost than through traditional purchasing channels, saving money for their organisation.

What features should I look for in medical auction software?

When choosing medical auction software, it is important to look for features that are tailored to the specific needs of the medical industry. The software should also have a user-friendly interface that is easy for both buyers and sellers to navigate.

– Real-time bidding: Look for software that offers real-time bidding functionality, allowing buyers to compete in real-time for products they need. This can create a more engaging and dynamic auction experience, and can also help to drive up bids.
Reporting and analytics: Look for software that provides detailed reporting and analytics, so that you can track your auction performance, understand buyer behavior, and make data-driven decisions.
Mobile compatibility: Make sure that the software is compatible with mobile devices, so that buyers and sellers can easily participate in auctions from their smartphones or tablets.
Customization options: Look for software that offers customization options, such as the ability to brand your auction site, set your own rules and policies, and tailor the user interface to meet your specific needs.

The New Webtron 8.0AI Auction Software is here

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Webtron’s 8.0AI newest artificial intelligence auction software release. 

Take advantage of Webtron 8.0AI, a white-label auction solution that runs from your own website. It has been designed for Medical auctioneers like you to take your online auction business to another level.

Webtron 8.0AI is’Simple for bidders and powerful for auctioneers’.

Please get in touch and arrange a demo for your business.

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